About me

B.S. in Business Administration with Concentration in Accounting and Auditing Currently pursuing a master degree in Data Analytics

Things I Can Do

Audit Intern

A Few Accomplishments

Forecasting U.S. Retail sales of Pharmacies and Drug Stores  Collected and analyzed monthly retail sales of pharmacies and drug stores  Created multiple models based on analysis for forecast, and find the most suitable model Littlefield Stimulation  Made purchasing and contracting decisions based on processing time, inventory and other variables to achieve maximum profit Optimization of Internal Controls of Arlington Industries  Researched the internal controls problems of Arlington Industries  Proposed specific solutions to segregation of duties, payroll audit, and access control The DuPont Analysis of Selected Tech Enterprises  Analyzed 7 tech enterprises with the Dupont analysis method  Conducted comparative analysis of the return on equity, profit margin ratio, asset turnover ratio, and financial leverage ratio with the 7 enterprises